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Areas of Activity


Brazil is in dire need of power generation investments in the coming years. Energy supply is not meeting its demand, which signs to a scenario of power rationing in years to come.

Power shortage forecast and high prices point to the implementation of new small hydroelectric plants, Hydroelectric plants and other alternative sources such as thermal-electric, wind and nuclear among others.

In such a scenario, Engevix is strategically placed to participate in studies, projects, management and EPCs in power generation.

Engevix has the potential to identify the best projects and to participate as an investor in power generation through its subsidiaries.


Engevix is present in various segments of the economy offering engineering services in infrastructure construction to the private and public sectors. Its current portfolio includes important highways, railways, metropolitan trains, airports, ports, sanitation and civil construction.


A Engevix tem exemplos importantes de uso da engenharia para obter resultados expressivos na agregação de valor aos empreendimentos de seus clientes. Os exemplos da Siderúrgica de Resende e o programa Petrosix mostram a capacitação técnica da empresa em inovação e tecnologias de ponta.

UTE Serra do Navio, 24 MW

Client: Amapari Energia
Description: Venue: Serra do Navio Mountain Range, AP.
Services Implemented: Basic and Executive Design, Supplies Management, construction, assembly and commissioning.

Project Salobo Metais S/A

Description: Venue: Serra dos Carajás Mountain Range
Services Offered: Detailed Blueprint Copper Mining Project
Manufacturing: 12 million tons per year of copper ore.

Rodoanel Mário Covas

Description: Engevix is part of the construction of the Mario Covas Beltway connecting the most important highways surrounding São Paulo.