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About Engevix

Engevix - Vídeo Institucional

Engevix Institutional Presentation


Engevix has developed, over time, to become the largest engineering consultancy company in Brazil, and is recognized for its comprehensive contracts (EPC), and is increasingly developing its  activities abroad.

Mission, Vision and Values

ENGEVIX is committed to making its activities compatible with continual improvements in quality, prevention of impacts on the environment, safety risks and improvements to occupational health, on a continual basis.​

Annual Report

Our Annual Reports present the results of our professional activities, with details of the main projects and the social-environmental actions.

International activities

/sobre-a-engevix/ImagensdoSite/destaque-sobre-inter.jpgEngevix has expanded internationally to the United States, Mexico, Peru and Angola, where new business is generated and administrated, and has also extended to local neighborhoods.​